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Be Unstoppable!

​*Powerlifting & Sports Performance *Fat Loss *Hypertrophy *Cardiovascular Fitness

Get ready to step up your game!

Whether you're a powerlifter, an athlete focused on sports performance, or simply wanting to shed some unwanted fat or build muscle, we've got ya covered.

Say goodbye to guesswork and get ready for real results!

About Me!

Hey, my name is Katie! 

My journey in the fitness world started back in 2015 when I began weight training at 17 years old, as a pass time at college. 

After a few months of weight training, I discovered my passion for powerlifting and started competing two years later.

To this day, I compete and win at a national level.

 In 2018, I joined Shinpo martial arts, where I have since achieved a brown belt in traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu and a blue belt in Dutch Kickboxing.


  • L2 Fitness Instructing 

  • L3 Personal Training

  • L4 Strength and Conditioning 

  • L1 British Powerlifting Coaching

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"Katie’s experienced, friendly and straight-talking approach has really helped me train consistently. I have seen my fitness and progress improve week on week". 


"I  highly recommend getting in touch with Katie".

-Kelly Brindle

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